Friday, 21 March 2008


Spring is here, with its blossoms, flowers, birds chirping, girls going around semi naked.
It's grim here, it's cold and rainy and I can't climb. In more than one meaning, as you know.
This is my latest obsession: being strong (I started thining I still don't imagine what being really strong means) and unable to climb. I'm sad. Sad.
Should I go with my instinct, I would spend the next months dangling from a campusboard or fingerboard, to attain a level of power that would just be ridiculous. This just to boost my confidence and propel me up on problems.
I don't know if I will regret this choice, but I've chosen not to do this. It's nice to pull on crimps to impress your buddies, but it's much nicer to find yourself on top of boulder problems harder than 6a.
Yesterday, in a massive moment of self consciousness (and crazyness maybe) I wrote to The Guru and asked him to set my next months' training program absolutely leaving behind fingerboard and campusboard sessions, anc concentrating just on climbing. He quickly replied with the usual enthusiasm, already explaining his ideas and general planning, and this made me happy, really happy and eager to start this new thing. I will be less impressive on small wooden holds, but maybe I'll start sending, instead of blogging.



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