Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Having to cycle to and from work every day, the journey can become a bit boring, unless you set yourself a few tasks, and no task is better, more fascinating and more enjoyable than speeding.
So, as soon as I leave the 4 lanes rush-hour roads, and put my front wheel in the city center, the stop watch starts counting.
The rules are very simple.
Here's what you can't do:
- you can't use the brakes;
- you can't put foot on the ground;
- you can't run over pedestrians;
- you can't grab a car or motorbike to be pulled;
- you can't use the bikeways, that's cheating.
Here's what you can do:
- you can ride on pavements;
- you can speed through red traffic lights;
- you can ride in the wrong direction on one way roads;
- you can ride on the wrong lane on two ways roads.
Here's what you have to do:
- you have to arrive safe.


Fiend said...

Honourable goals. Keep us informed how it goes :)

lore said...

today i got stopped by a policeman because i had speeded through a red light. he asked me my i.d. and i looked at him right in his eyes thinking "die. die in this exact second."
he let me go.

bonsiware said...

I ride my bike the same way you do!
I like your rules!

see you soon