Saturday, 24 January 2009


Well, I feel something different. It's something that is so deeply related to my personal life that I can't talk about it here: the few of you fortunate enough to share some time at the boulders or in the gym with me will hear the full story from my mouth and will understand.
Suffice to say that it's been a very hard period, that challenged me on so many fronts. The fight of life can't be fought alone, and now that I'm again completely sure that I'm not alone, I feel renewed.
I am also ready to completely follow what my shoulder tells me. I know that I'm ok strong, the small vid on the last entry gives me confidence: it starts when I was already hanging, and after some seconds being able to pull and one arm the hold (even if my shoulder told me not to finish it) means something. So as I said some time ago, I (we?) can perform at best when I'm one between my body and my mind, and that's one thing that clearly now I'm not. My shoulders hinders my mind, and my mind affects everything, so I'd better keep my nerves cool and take my time.
I know this entry isn't very clear or interesting, but hey I'm not Tolstoj.

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