Friday, 30 January 2009


Alberto Gnerro, I think, needs little introduction. Playing with the top guys from ages, his epic battles on 45 minutes long onsights are part of Italian history. He did sport 8a on sight after three years of climbing!!!
Anyway, a true power monster, he's well renown for locking off crimps at waist level. One famous competitor whose name I won't reveal here, once said "Luckily Alberto can't bear the psychological pressure in comps, otherwise the World Cup would have had one dominator for the last ten years."
One other strong italian climber, once commented "Between me and Aberto there's the same power gap that's between my grandmother and me."
Anyway, he was said to have done one pull up with 100 kilos on. Finally, during an interview, he was asked to clear the gossips. He loudly said "That's absolutely not true, it's completely fake!" Turns out he stopped at 98.


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