Friday, 16 January 2009


Well, I finally see the end of this first period of training. Eight weeks of hard work, of skin lost on the holds, of shins grated while sliding off from the volumes, of crimping, locking, throwing, falling.
I still am unsure at which level I stand at.
One thing is sure, I made progresses. Wednesday I had another system boarding session, and at the end I compared the feelings with my first sessions of the same type. Well, I failed to have a precise comparison, because I had performed the same excercise, but from worse starting holds and with 6 and then 10 kilos on. This is progress, for sure. Not only in power terms, but, and that's equally important, in terms of the ability of moving well.
Yesterday I was smashed though. I had a brief session, mostly climbing easy stuff and posing for pictures for a photographer that was there, called by I don't know who.
At some poin though, I decided to try one problem, that I had tried a very few times before, and that felt very very hard, and strange. Well, yesterday I cruised all the lower part that I had judged too hard for me, and fell from high when my right heel popped from the placement and sent me on the mats with another open shin.
Well, it' s just a few moves. Just a few moves. But the spin effect is enormous. I did those moves knowing that I wasn't going to come down. I could cut loose on every move, because it felt easier than swapping feet on the same hold. I was climbing effortlessly, gently scrolling each hand before reaching to the next hold. I didn't finish the problem, I didn't need to. The sensation of being very very light will stay with me for long I'm sure.
We have to read between the lines. Whe have to be butterflies: gently moving our wings to cause storms on the other side of the world.

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