Wednesday, 7 November 2007


So, the first day at the climbing shop came and went.
And then, so did the second morning.
The result? A big loss of time, but not in the easiest way to think about: I mean that when I'm there "working", I can't notice time passing, so I find myself at lunch break, then at work again, then at home, seemingly in just a while.
And: could, being somewhere talking with friends about climbing stuff, be called working?
Anyway, in a matter of hours I'll have to dissuade a lady from buying some rope, tie it to a heater, another part to herself, and go and work on her house roof, the rope passing through a window and then the border of a terrace.
She also asked me to rig everything for her: oh yes, to go in jail when you fall? For sure...
My first day was a major success.
The gym opens tonight.
Life's good.


Ghostface said...

Good news Lore, glad to hear it's as good as it sounds!

Stay strong huh.

pascal said...

So it only took 2 days for someone to ask something obscenely ridiculous! Good to hear it's going alright... off to font in a few hours, then swiss... maybe you can come for a weekend?