Thursday, 1 November 2007


I hope you all will appreciate that, to keep this blog updated, I'm sitting here, in a small square in town that shares a bit of a wi-fi hot spot, where all the coldest winds of central Italy seem to gather.
It's cold, it's clear, it's bouldering time.
I had a good session yesterday, dead hangs on the small holds, and then ripped the campus board: 1-5-roof again right hand, and then more.
Let's pack the car.


Mikael said...

I envy u who could go out bouldering, it´s freeezzzing up here in sweden..indoor only..
have a nice trip!


lore said...

hey mikael,
it's nice having you here!!!
i almost envy the cold, it was boiling here, that's why i didn't send...;-)