Sunday, 25 November 2007


The infamous, much awaited five sessions week passed.

I'm very happy, mostly because I was feeling better as the sessions went by: I don't dare to say that I was stronger at the end of the week then at the beginning, but I was definitely feeling fit.

I'm eating like a pig.

In detail:

  1. Monday: negatives on good hold, 5" time of descent, 3 reps, 3 set per arm, 5' rests. One armed bouldering on vertical wall, 2 problems of 6 moves, 4 reps each.
  2. Tuesday: one arm deadhangs on 1 cm edge, 3" for 8 times per arm, 3' rests. Dynoes between good holds on 30° wall.
  3. Wednesday: as Monday, but bouldering moving both arms at a time.
  4. Thursday: as Tuesday, but high intensity wall.
  5. Friday: as Monday, but high intensity wall.

It's been really hard, considering also working from 9 to 19 30.

Anyway, I survived and was feeling better each session. Tomorrow I start again the campus board week. I have at least two really hard sessions, on Tuesday and Friday: 147 on 2 cm edge, 6 reps per arm straight away, 6 sets each arm, 8' rests; then 4 problems on 45° wall just below my limit, 6 consecutive goes, 2 reps each problem, 8' rests. I wonder how I'll get home, and at what time...

Tom, are you still keen?

I'm very proud that this blog has been linked on Dobbin's one. Thankyou.


Roberto Bagnoli said...

great lore!
c'mon it's just the beginning! ha ha ha!!!!

Ghostface said...

I certainly am still keen Lore. I've already vowed to step it up so bring it on.

I also have a specific long term goal in mind I'd like to discuss.

Good to hear you're reaping the rewards eh. Keep crushing.