Sunday, 11 November 2007


So, here I am again, amongst people of all nationalities, typing from an Internet point. It's nice but I prefer doing it at home, possibly naked.
Ok, just kidding. I use to wear a black mask.
Work is going well, climbing...not so well.
I can barely find the time to take a pee during work hours, with the big big sales, the shop is always very, very busy. I hate people searching for sleeping bags for other people, they don't know absolutely anything about when and where they'll be used, and often ask for "one that could be used now, for a trekking outside, but also in the summer for sleeping on the beach".
Searching in the back of the shop I found tons of vintage shoes: Lasers, Ninjas, really fun stuff, and now I'm the proud owner of a shining new pair of Boreal Indo Rojo, that I took for 30 Euros for the gym.
Then I'll buy one pair of Dragons, that are amazingly tight, and one of Solution, more comfy.
Still haven't touched rock. GRRRRRRRRRRR.
I forgot to tell that very wisely I went out and got drunk with Negroni the night before my first day at work. Nice one.
The new gym is very good, but I don't like the setting at all. They have started to set every problem new age style, with strange moves rather than really hard ones. You may have to touch to top with your body horizontal, one foot jammed and the other one hooked somewhere, or shit like that, and I really don't want to: I'd prefer a few small holds here and there on the 50° wall.
I'm not weak but feel weak, and am always testing myself: thursday I managed to leave the ground, even if for a breif moment, or for the shortest amount of time humans knows of, while deadhanging the 1cm edge one hand-no crimping.
I have another day off tomorrow and will start the new training program: as usual I completely put myself into the guru's hands.
What else? Oh yes, I cycle one hour every day to go to work and back, and am always hungry.
Reading this post I ask myself if it's really worth to be published, it seems I'm doing nothing but working...
There are lots, lots of beautiful women in Florence. Storm a comin'.


josie parsons said...

news flash!
i may be returning to italy to visit a friend up north with my brother and his wife. i'll keep you posted, but would love to meet up while there!.

lore said...

just come south, it just started to get cold!!!

Unknown said...

the wierdness yu speak of sounds like the works. indoors you just wanna fucking crank!

Roberto Bagnoli said...

remeber lore:
I wait for you tomorrow night at my home for dinner (mmmmhhh) BUT I don't let you come if you don't do "out of service"!!!!! underpressure? don't be.. I sow a lore I've never seen before last monday at sasso.. so strong! vai lore che lo fai!!! we have to celebrate a big result and then.. let's start the training program!!!