Thursday, 23 April 2009


As I'm not getting much real climbing, this is basically a training blog now. How boring this could be, noone knows.
Anyway, I've had a couple of good sessions, setting three new problems, all at the end of the training. No wonder I was struggling on them, I've tried them yesterday when fresh and the result has been alot different. Miracle. I'd like to get some footage because I think they are nice problems, they climb well (unlike me) and they are hard.
I wanted to go tonight but something stepped into my way, so tomorrow.
The weekend brings some rain and south west winds, but not eno
ugh to score my re-entry in the world of surfing, so the plan is to go to Amiata, film the moves on the roof direct for you all to drool on, and then cruise to the Amiata top to try the amazing line. I still have another project that I cleaned and tried last summer, there: a roof (not again!?) with sharp crimps and horrible feet, five moves, none of which I've done.
Finally, an old scan (click on it for the full frame) of a tanned myself when OOS Assis was still a dream, before years of dedication.

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You so sexy and brown Lore:)
I am looking forward to the Amiata footage.