Friday, 10 April 2009


I have hit my lowest the other night at the gym. Surprisingly, to be honest, given that I was coming from four days off.
As soon as I touched the first hold of the first warm up, I realized I was going nowhere. Then it only got worse.
When I finally cut my losses and realized I had been burnt off by every punter of the gym, one of the gym owners told me "Lore, go home, eat a steak and get some sleep, I've never seen you in this shape."
Also, I feel quite depressed. Yesterday, having another rest day, I spent two hours waiting before having my shoulder visited at the orthopedic E.R., only to be sent home with antiinflammatories and not even an RX. Probably the constant flow of new patients straight from car accidents did something to make my visit shorter.
I really, really, really need to climb outdoors, something that recently has become a very serious issue. I have done what I was supposed to do, that is destroying OOS Assis and the Amiata Roof Direct. Still, I can't treat myself with a couple of days somewhere new. It's the old story. At least two hours to get to the closest boulders (you all lucky Sheffield bastards, can you imagine this? two fucking hours to the closest destination!!!???) that also happen to be in areas where I've cleaned, sent or repeated almost everything. Everything I cared about.
Apparently for Easter weekend the weather could be fine around here, so plans are to climb a couple of days on home turf, again.
Maybe I'll go back to the roof to put some footage together, then I'd like to go to the Amiata top (snow permitting) to clean something that I had briefly scoped and fallen in love with past summer.
I don't know why this still doesn't make me happy.


Ghostface said...

I think you should commence further cleaning at Amiata top man. There has to be so many good lines left. Will be in Italy as soon as money allows! There's a lot of gems on the summit - I know it!

Pellet said...

It happens sometimes... try to remain positive! During May 1st weekend prolly I'll be in Magic Wood... Come there if you can, so many projects to crush!! Ciao Lore