Sunday, 26 April 2009


Yesterday truly was great. The Amiata top is the shit. I did my usual problems, nothing special per se, but I made them special, the air made them special, the pristine rock with not a single atom of chalk on made them special. Despite my friday night hard session in the gym I was feeling good, so I skipped my usual Theraband warmup and threw myself at every line, from very easy to, well, easy. I finished with another retro flash of "Il Motorino di Mario", as static as it can be done. Eric, if you read this, beware. When you'll be back here you bastard, I'll take you there, and if you can't static that move I'll keep on kicking your ass for the rest of your stay. (I miss you, come back.)
Anyway, fueled by desire I wanted to do again "Il Traverso del Cinghiale", but I found out it could be linked to another problem that is at the right end of the same boulder. After sussing out the moves and spending all my energy trying to use a stylish but useless dropknee, I discovered a much better heel hook, but at the time I was hit by a massive pump from both the gym and the day, so full of happiness and lactic acid I went home. Video to come.
Now, today I wanted to go to the roof to do some filming, but it was raining and I didn't fancy another drive on my own with the risk of not climbing, so I came back to Florence to hit the gym, but the idiots were closed. Fucking idiots.
Next week will be an easy one, training wise, with some much needed overcompensation and just one session; but a very hard one, working wise. Seven hours of teaching almost every day, luckily it's only a 4 days week. I also have to make a mini conference about a few famous Tuscan monuments, and I'm very psyched. I want to climb over the next weekend, with Chironico and Brione clearly set in my brain cells.
Last but not least, I finally recovered the data in my old hard disk that had expired past autumn, pics, videos, my novel, everything, so I will please you with the footage of power monster Michele Caminati doing the roof direct past september.
Been there, done that. Heh.

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