Friday, 17 October 2008


Yesterday night I had an excellent session at the gym. I did nothing special, core tension, one armers and deadhangs, then bouldering. So, what made a normal session a very good session? Well two things.
The first one is that I had a long chat with strong climber, super modest guy Marco, just back from Chironico with a great "La Soucupe" tick (WAD). We planned a few climbing trips up north, he's psyched to go and try just a few problems, and many of them are also my projects. I was also very pleased becasue he has done two problems that I like alot and that was pleasing because I'm often told that I try crappy problems.
The second thing is that I climbed well. Ok, that's not the real reason. The real reason is that I burned a couple of friends off...
While I was destroying these friends' problem, that anyway I did not send, Marco joined us and he really crushed. Three tries, it was in the bag. In his bag. Waddage.
So, the receipt for a perfect session:
- get a power nap;
- drink lots of tea;
- eat two cups of yoghurt and chocolate muesli;
- at the gym be cool with the girls, this will burst your confidence and will make you feel sexy and therefore powerful;
- do something quick and strong, that could give you an excuse for failing on subsequent bouldering problems;
- join some friend and try to deliver their problems in a dimension where it's darker than in a black hole.

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