Saturday, 25 October 2008


First: Eric, you fucking bastard, you are a fucking bastard. I wrote an e-mail to you no longer ago than this morning, full of love, only to find out from your scorecard that you have done lots of 7c's and even a 7c+, and you didn't tell me!!! I want my love e-mail back, now. And for punishing you for your bad behaviour, I will storm over the Ice Pond and The Gunks and will treat your problems as a hydraulic press would; I will reduce them in parts so small and dense that they will cause small black holes around themselves, and in one of these black holes I will deposit the rests of your hardest project, after sending it so hard and high in the athmosphere that at some point it will scream from the depths of the skies as he enters back on planet Earth surrounded by flames and burning carbon. At that moment your project will reflect over its suffering, will know that it's going to burn and burn and be destroyed, and it will think "Thank you god of the projects, this is nothing compared to what Lorenzo did to me".
Then, I recently changed the music on my I-Pod. Out went: Iggy Pop, The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, RHCP, PJ Harvey, Crisis, Adam Beyer. Thank you all for making me scream loud at 8 am while cycling to work. In came: Tool, The White Stripes, Faith No More, Deep Purple, Pearl Jam, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Acid Techno III, Metallica. Make me scream, now.


Palla Alta said...

My little 7c's and my 1 small 7c+ should be no threat to your big #'s. Now this season though I do have a couple 8a's that I'm excited about, so maybe train a little bit. I don't think I'll ever be able to crush like you, but I do hope to perform better than Luca, hahahah.

I'm trying to make Font a reality this spring...

allora: Crush, Smile, and make all the girls suffer because you are untouchable.

mi manci sempre

lore said...

hey i was talking about another eric!!!
who are you?

ps here's the secret of my numbers: give the big numbers to secret first ascents in secret areas!!! no repeats, no downgrading, no hassle. sometimes i don't even care to actually climb the problem, i just tickmark and slap the holds from the ground!!!
mi manchi bastardo e anche a valentina.

Ghostface said...

Wait a minute.... Adam Beyer? You're about to climb 8c!

Ghostface said...

Ah, I read it wrong. You've GOTTEN RID of Beyer. Well expect the window to be at 6c!

I loved the "grade in secret places" comment. Not true for you but very very funny!