Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Here we go again. Tuesday night session, everything set for the xmas assault.
It was footless bouldering, 4 problems of three moves, four goes each, 2 mins rests.
Then four problems from one to three moves, four goes each, 2 mins rests. Shoes on and feet allowed.
The guru flashed a problem that none of us all could do despite our serious efforts. Although I may have pulled down some wooden crimp, there's absolutely no comparison between our capabilities.
I'm quite tired now, and I'm happy to know that I just have to do two sessions per week now.
I wish you all could see my killer skin tight, long sleeve, red and green t-shirt.
C'mon c'mon.


pascal said...

Good to hear the training is still satisfying. We're heading back to switzerland over new year... maybe you could come up if you have time. Strong crew of climbers... it will be fun!

lore said...

you mean that place with real rock to climb on?
no, i don't do that shit.

Mikael said...

albarracin then ?

we are heading there for 20-28 of january...quit work and join us!

mikael, Sweden

Roberto Bagnoli said...

hey, hey!!
this is an unauthorized bombardment of temptation (really so good..) please, don't temptate my athlete lore anymore.. he is "out of service" at the moment!! :)

lore said...

hey mik!!!!
i tried to write, but your e-mail box seems to have problems, all my messages came back!!!

Mikael said...

hi lore!

try my other mail adress:

it would be great to get in touch!

back in my hometown for christmas about 100km from the polarcircle..guess what - now snow,dry and 5 degrees - perfect conditions.. it´s bouldering tomorrow :)