Wednesday, 12 December 2007


I was thinking to the famed two pull ups of yesterday night.
To be honest, I didn't do them easily. It was hard, and I had to really push myself. If I had done them two easily, I would have kept on.
Probably I was typing with too much chalk, meat and red wine in my body.
I'm very proud of another thing.
Taking inspiration from UKB, I talked with The Guru about building symmetrical climbing walls, and so, since he's a problem setter at the gym, it seems that we will soon have a symmetrical wall, to work left and right part of the body in the same way.
It's hard to rest sometimes. Right now, I'm tempted to go and pull some holds, but I'll stick to the program.
Thinking again, the very good thing about yesterday night, is that the training is well customized and that I'm moving in the right direction.


Roberto Bagnoli said...

honestly, lore, you did the two "one arm" pull up like drinking a glass of wine or so! thinking about your performance, I have an image in my mind, when between the first and the second (obviously without touching the floor) you said: "..forse mi ce n'entra anche un'altra.." that sounds like "maybe I can do another one.." ha ha ha!!! while you were holding one arm a 2-3cm open crimp hold!!!

lore said...

i remember that as well.
i think that moment will remain for a long time in my mind...