Thursday, 12 January 2012


I'll try to be brief this time.
Two days is not only how long the new final sequence lasted, it's also how long the bouldering season lasted.
I went today, and it was boiling. My fingertips are shredded and painful, and I could not have a decent go.
Luckily I had finally remembered, this morning, to bring the weightbelt with me, so I took the opportunity to start training, given that climbing the project was out of question.
What a difference two kilos made!
I don't think I've done more than three moves in a row! Skin was a problem for sure, it was painful without that extra weight, imagine how painful it was with it, but I don't care.
I am out of my (tiny little) mind with happiness. Trying so hard, failing so hard, feeling every move so hard, filled my heart with joy and my mind with psyche. I was stuck, I kept going there to repeat what I've already done basically, and as I've said, I had lost focus. Now, with a simple weightbelt on, my world is full of energy again.
It's clear that I love this shit. I love the struggle. I love the process of putting myself under pressure. I love to train, and to suffer when doing it. It's been like starting it all again: the enthusiasm, the dreaming, everything was there again, despite the boiling sun, my shredded tips and my aching muscles. My mind has never been so strong. I see a goal in front of myself, a new one. I needed it. If only I'd known it before.
After getting home and having a shower, I went for a walk with the dog. On the way home, I stopped by Trombicche, my favourite place in Siena, for a glass of red wine. Walking back home, I found myself so happy; I was thinking that I could relax, have a nice meal and go to bed without worries, because tomorrow I won't neither train nor climb, I will only have to work.
Imagine this, a life that works at the opposite. I can relax because I don't train. Ahah!!! That's mental, innit.
It's beautiful to have a new path in front of me and to know that with each step I will improve. The battle is the aim, enjoy the battle.

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pascal said...

Reading this made me happy.