Saturday, 7 May 2011


Today I just went there and did it, first go of the day. I don't think I'll ever forget waking up this morning and seeing 6.09 in the clock. I tried to get asleep again but in 0,1 second all I could think about was the extension, so I went there and I did it. Today everything was different and I will try to talk about it sooner or later.
I called my line "Futurismo". As you may know, Futurism was a strong cultural, political and artistic movement of the early years of 1900.
As you may also know, this movement is very controversial, due to its militarist ideas and relationships with Fascism, so I feel the need to clarify why I chose this name.
Obviously it's not a tribute to Futurism; I simply chose this name because I think that my problem shares with Futurism the same characteristics: it's violent; it's completely self centered and, most of all, it's deeply wrong!!!
I would like to address you all to a couple of tunes whose words keep bouncing in my mind since this morning. Here you go.


GCW said...

Dimebag RIP

martin said...

GREAT!!! just in time before the summer - BEAST !!!