Monday, 23 February 2009


Sunday I went to touch some sandstone. The weather was far from good, with grey skies covering a pale sun, but it wasn't too cold, and that was good because I wasn't feeling physically fine. As often happens, when temps rise after some proper cold, I get some kind of flu or cold. I wanted to try "Il Signore degli Anelli" but on sunday it really was beyond me: I have to be at full power for that, and I clearly wasn't. Next time.
Some of you may remember an entry of a few months ago (november the 2nd, 2008), about the strange grading policy they have, in the very same place where I have been on sunday. Some of you may remember that, that day I discovere that idiotic behaviour while trying a hard problem, a traverse with a very strange and hard move, a match on a vertical crimp with very bad feet.
Anyway, the problem and its grade can't bother me less right now, because yesterday I basically warmed up onto it, and after sussing out the moves I delivered it right in front of its first ascender house, with "YYFY YOU BASTARD" carved into its poor, crumbly rock with my own fingers.
Then, my life as a teacher: this morning I got to school with absolutely no voice; having to do four hours of teaching that was not a small problem, and I was especially worried about the two hours of the conversation class. I managed to do the job, but wasn't very satisfied at the end of the lesson. Luckily, when I came out of the class, Danielle, whos secretary desk is right in front of the class, so that she always hears my lessons, told me: "Hey, you're brilliant even with no voice!"
YYFY my friends.

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