Thursday, 17 July 2008


Ok, so I started, and almost finished, given it's thursday, my first week of teaching practice. With reference to an older post, I dare to say that in these days the world has seemed being full of coherence. Needless to say, I'm very happy about that.
It's nice to teach italian to beutiful foreign girls, and it's nice for me to teach anyway: it's always been the love of my life. I always dreamt about becoming a university professor: why I didn't put myself into doing it after my first degree in law, I don't know. Something was lost along the way and now it's too late.
While getting back home from the center today, I got a phone call from one of the 80 (!!!) notary firms I sent my CV to last monday. They asked me a few information, and during the phone call all I could think was "I don't want to do this now, now I want to teach italian". It's clearly the dawn of something new again, priorities are shifting, new things are entering the stage.

I'm also into my second week of pumping iron. I have passed to routines of 4 sets of 6 reps, with a massive increase in weights, obvioulsy, cutting down the reps. DOMS are still very present but much lesser. Anyway lifting weights is still boring.
I had asked The Guru also some dead hanging routines to be put into the program: he set them, but amazingly I am not performing them, preferring to simply boulder. I am very happy about this, because I feel I'm climbing more to my desires, and even if my wrist hinders my sending, I can still pull down. On holds or sequences that don't hurt I think I'm climbing at my best: I am comfortably doing yellow and red problems (the scale is white, green, blue, yellow, red), but I'm mostly pleased to be climbing with feet on, body tension, precise moves. I'm clearly still loaded with some power (very little to be true) but using it at its best makes me feel I have plenty.

What more? Tomorrow I and Andrea leave for the Dolomites. With a precarious forecast we will aim to a couple of classic multipitch routes and some serious pulling on steep limestone boulders. Unfinished business awaits.

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