Thursday, 5 June 2014


One, of the many things that really piss me off about having broken my meninscus, is not being able to sprint anymore.
I'm getting older and it's getting harder and harder to keep good form, so every possible activity is welcome. Every possible activity that contributes to power and burning some fat, in this order of importance. Regular cardio, steady state or not, is not welcome. 
If you ask yourself why you should not do any regular cardio, refer to the font of all information, T-Nation. The concept of "skinny fat", however, should clarify everything, and should keep you awake at night and make you tremble during the day, for the fear of becoming one. 
So, I can't sprint, but that doesn't mean that I can't perform other high intensity excercises. 
Yesterday I did this routine of five excercises: spider crawl (+6kg), skip, gloves, snatch high pulls and front levers; each one - except the snatch high pulls - consisting of six sets of 10" max efforts, with 30" intervals. 
It was fun and I'll be doing it again. Fun means horribly hard. I didn't puke but was close. 
But not so soon. DOMS are kicking in already and I feel as if I'd wrestled an M1 Abram tank at full speed. And won. 
Do yourself a favour, do some high intensity training. 
Videos below. 

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