Thursday, 10 May 2012


As I sat down on the pad and started untying my climbing shoes, I heard a strange noise. It resembled a crying. Puzzled and almost scared, because I knew I was alone there, I focused on where it seemed to come from.
It was coming from the rock, and it was a crying, in fact.
"Why? the problem asked me between sighs, whining.
"Why what?" I asked back in response.
"Why did you do that to me?"
"Why did I do you what?" I asked again, shocked.
"Why did you treat me that badly. Why did you crush me into atoms?" then it burst into tears again. "Aren't you supposed to climb gracefully, moving on the rock as a dancer?" it went on, after a few seconds.
"Well, yes, I guess so..." I answered, sincerely.
"So why, why didn't you do just that. Why did you crush me?"
I paused, trying to find an answer to this seemingly impossible question.
"WHY?" it yelled, losing composure.
And then I found the answer.
"Why? - I said - Because I fucking can."

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