Saturday, 11 June 2011


In this video, one set from the recent power endurance sessions: 15 consecutive maximal dead hangs and pull ups, with as little rest as possible, all for six sets. I fear my next session as hell.
More than four minutes of suffering boiled down to just over 60 seconds for your sadic voyeuristic pleasure.


Mateusz Loskot said...

Is it single set of 15 maximal dead hangs in 4 minutes or total of 15 hangs X 6 sets in 4 minutes?

lore said...

ciao Mateusz!
first of all thank you for finding the time to read my blog!
it is as your first hypothesis: one set of 15 hangs and pull ups (alternated) lasts around 4 minutes. I try to dead hang for around 10 seconds each time, if I let go before I chalk up and get back on the same hold to complete the time and the following pull up.
I take 20 minutes rests between sets, so it's a very long session, but during the rests you have the time to do things around so it's not too bad.
I hope this helps!!!
ps: your blog is really, really, really well done with all the links and infos. great!

Mateusz Loskot said...

Hi, thanks very much for all the details. I like format of your session, have to experiment with it myself.

Keep climbing & blogging.

ps. my blog is just a default theme of wordpress, a bit messed, but planning to make it clean one day ;)