Tuesday, 26 April 2011


In the video, one very decent go on the project: hitting the hold of the hardest move, unfortunately with my heel peeling off the placement; humid rock (it was raining and very still, almost suffocating despite not being too hot) and probably not a strong enough core are to blame I reckon.
The important thing is that these good goes happen with increasing ease and frequency. From there the problem is still hard but I am confident.
On a related note, I am struggling not to train: I really want to, but a wrongly timed session or too much volume could easily have terrible effects on the project, and given that I can't climb on it every time that I'd like, I'd better keep my infamous calm. I am surely strong enough to climb it, so training is off for the moment. I have to say that last Thursday, when I got there with three days off before, I felt definitely strong: after all, I didn't lose 19 years of training in those three days.
That's all for the moment, see you in the future...

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martin said...

yepaaa - resting sometimes is not easy but it can be the key (if you have trained very well before). there are studies that show that the maximum-training-effect (in terms of power and after a 3month training-period) showed up after a 21day!!! resting-period!!!

keep resting!!! martin