Tuesday, 4 January 2011


It's so difficult to try and give the idea of the chaos that's in my mind. Once again I had a real emotional rollercoaster during the holidays, and once again I had the confirmation of how deeply and strongly climbing dominates my life. Plagued by bad weather, the last two weeks had been a struggle, that led me to drive more than one hour just to go to the gym, and this twice a week. Obsessed by the lack of other training facilities, when the gym was closed I simply couldn't help but mount back up my old fingerboard that I had at the sea years ago. Just a couple of sessions on it reminded me why the Beastmaker is the best fingerboard in the world.
Naturally, this tension didn't do any good to my relationship.
In my thoughts, I was growing weaker and weaker by the minute.
Then, moreover, I couldn't make up my mind about my Cresciano trip, that evolved from a 10 days stay, to a 5 days one, to 4, to 2, to nothing.
I got a phone call from work on Sunday night, and I am already back at school.
There's always a "but".
But yesterday I went climbing, with the bluest sky ever seen and the hottest January sun. And it's been magic, to soak up all this beauty all alone as ever.
I fucking crushed.

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Dieselryder said...

Estás muy motivado Lorenzo. You star!