Monday, 19 July 2010


After reading the entry title, at this moment you still can close the page and read something else. What will come is not fun at all.
You sure? Ok, so here you go.
I am both sad and angry. My relationship is falling apart, and despite all the efforts I put in, nothing seems to work. Every argument, whatever its origin, ends up the same way: climbing is the enemy and it has to be slaughtered and sacrificet on the altar of love.
Simply, this will never, never, never fucking never happen. I will sacrifice everythying to my climbing, because, as I have said one million times, I AM MY CLIMBING.
The roots of this situation are lost in time, and despite our efforts to find a fil rouge that could help us understand things better, things are really at the end right now. I have found myself in the same situation before, and with the same girl, but now hope escapes me, I feel I am being forced to renounce to things I love, and I simply don't want it anymore.
Obviously, this is my point of view. If you want to hear her version to be fair, ask her to write a blog.
And now fuck off you all.


Ghostface said...

Lore, I've read this after our email conversations without knowing. I'll holla back there...

lagerstarfish said...

So, did you climb before she met you?
Did she fall in love with a man who gets a lot joy from his climbing?
Has she never felt her heart lift when seeing the boyish delight on your face when you come back from a good days climbing?
Can she look at the men that her friends are with and see that they have other passions that she would rather tolerate?
Climbing makes you a happy man; it motivates you to have great body; it helps you stay away from other, less female-acceptable pastimes (drinking, football, gambling, porn, rent boys etc.).

She needs to work out whether your climbing really is a problem for her or if she is just using it as an excuse to express her dissatisfaction with your relationship.
Hopefully she'll realise that she needs a climbing Nibs.

lore said...

hey guys thank you.
everything is very very complex at the moment. I cannot think to a single thing, in this situation, that I feel certain. I don't think everything is lost, but for sure it's tough.
so many things have changed since when we fell in love. climbing trips have always been a beautiful part of our early years together, and I can't see why these same trips are now an enemy.
we'll see. for sure now I feel more prepared to the idea of being on my own. we'll see.

filinofilini said...

Dear Lore,
I broke with two girlfriends because of climbing.
And now? Is something different? Maybe.
During our first trip out of Europe (Rocklands), after the first week spent climbing, she said that she was not missing anything because she loved spending time in nature with me. I said "For me it's the same, but actually there is something I am missing a little bit. Climbing more..."
That's what we fucking are.
Never give up, I've seen too many friends dropping their dreams because of women. Too sad to be true. To sad to happen to you. ClimbClimbClimb... IT'S TIME!!!!

Richie Crouch said...

Sorry to read this Lore, I hope you can come through it one way or the other and still be able to enjoy your climbing as well as having a good relationship.

My thoughts are with you both.

Dieselryder said...

Lorenzo, qué pasa amigo, veo que estás de bajón por asuntos amorosos. Ahora mismo estoy en Nueva Zelanda y anoche me acosté con tu problema en la cabeza. Yo no sé bien qué decirte, pero si eres capaz de luchar como un loco por tu pasión seguro que también puedes luchar por tu relación. Tu no eres tu escalada, tu eres MUCHO MÁS QUE ESO. Yo te creo con la capacidad para poder con todo, a veces en la vida hay decisiones complicadas y espero que todo os salga bien. Tomate un descanso y haz otra actividad, porque cuando seas viejo no recordarás el grado de aquel bloque y si recordarás el nombre de aquella chica, guapa y lista seguro.
Te deseo lo mejor, tenía que escribirte, anoche me quedé preocupado.
Cuidate mucho y espero que todo te salga bien.

Pellet said...

be yourself lore. but at the same time don't forget that your passion for climbing may fade, as everything else in life... i assure you i can understand your situation very well...