Friday, 8 January 2010


Well, the much dreaded work came and went. I went to school last monday only to wait for the two students the whole morning: they didn't come, so, given that they were impossible to contact, I spent the week waiting for a call from school in case they arrived. Again they didn't, so I took advantage of this to rest some more and do some boring stuff like going to the back and other bullshit. But monday 11th it will be for real: I will really start working again, so I have to ready my mind for that.
The good thing, naturally, is that during this week I've had time to train properly. I started the new cycle that will bring me to Font. In this week I have done system training for the fingers on small crimps and slopers, one foot only boulering, and both static and dynamic exercises. Also bouldering. Tomorrow a big team should gather at the gym to do some pulling and I will be there despite a monster session tonight: the aim will be super quality. Hard hard things with long long rests. We will see, I'm eager to climb with some friends I haven't seen in a while. Luca was there tonight also and provided some really good vibes, trying hard on some problems and dispatching quite a lot.
Apart from that there's really nothing to report. I am thinking to Font all the time and I am already super psyched for many many reasons that I will at some point explain, then main one being the presence of my girlfriend, after too much time, in this trip.
This time is for real.

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