Wednesday, 13 January 2010


After friday's session, I went again to the gym on saturday, with a happy bunch of pullers. It's been one of the best sessions ever, with smiles, bulging biceps and puffing all around, along with much abuse, a good part of which was directed to myself, just because when someone screams "Footless, Lore!" I go footless. I trust my friends. I was a bit worked from the night before, but I was quite sparky, and ended the 3 hours session with some footless bouldering, the highlight being a campusing and downcampusing a green on the 60° wall.
The night ended chez Luca, where there was a cool party with many people, especially girls, and a lot of food and wine. I was very happy and flirted around.
Until here the happy news.
The sad news are that the training and the party aggravated a physical problem that I had been suffering from in the last days, turning the situation into a very hindering and painful problem. Sunday wasn't enough to recover, so I had to cancel monday's session and I only went today, doing a very light session of fingerboarding ans system training, plus a couple of easy ciruits.
So the main problem for me now is keeping my calm, because I can't train properly and this is not good for Font. I will take it as easy as I can, because I really need to fully recover for the Font mission.
Then I think that training or no training, I will get to the forest with a body only made of steel and a heart: I will devote both to the forest. My heart to love it, my steel to destroy it.
Love and destroy.

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