Sunday, 20 September 2009


Just a few hours after writing the last entry, under the sign of quietness, Mr. Long Moves Between Small Crimps, a.k.a. Tom, called to make the official announcement of his presence in Italy from early next week.
Needless to say, the quietness ended simultaneously, and despite being sorry and worried for not having enough time to pack in a few sessions in order to gain some power, not to be blown away by the man on home turf, the joy was bigger. The weather is unpredictable right now, but we have many options covered: I will work in the mornings, while Tom will seduce beautiful girls while doing sketches of Florence; then in the afternoons we can either try and crush the gym to small small bits, or, even better, we could steal a couple of top ropes (for me) at a very very close crag (let's say 20 mins from my house) with super short, bouldery routes. The evenings will be spent in long aperitivos and dinners. I will take friday off and we will climb on rock. Uncle Bruno awaits us. Whaddayathink Tom?


Ghostface said...

I sat there and thought about a few things; I'm young, life is finite, my finances are looking better. But something was missing - the flight!

I think it's an excellent plan all round and I'm super psyched. Just keep these 31 degree temps at bay for me I hear are forecast in Firenze! We should drive to Keith and James next weekend? I don't care what we do, I'm just in the motherland with the women I love oh so much.


Richie Crouch said...

Nice one Tom... I hope you have a great time that you can deliver some of your homemade climbing fashion upon an unsuspecting Italy!

Please high 5 arrostino for me and have a safe journey.

p.s. If you get to Sasso please crush Spigolo and Lourdes for me ;)