Friday, 13 March 2009


I wanted to go to Ticino this weekend, to take some of the pressure of the roof off, to chill out and to try and test my condition on virgin ground.
I had to change my mind, due to my girlfriend having her ID expired.
Immediately I put my eyes on my nemesis Varazze, home of my epic ego bashing weekend of last december and of my shoulder injury.
I really want to look in the opposite direction of the roof. I feel it as a Sword of Damocles upon my head, something that throw my fragile mind in doubts.
Still, I think that at last I will go to the roof. I hate it, but I have to. Conditions are poorer than last weekend, and I feel weaker, in my mind if not in my body. Herman Melville says that only in failures humans reveal their truest nature. That's why I'll go back to the roof.

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