Tuesday, 5 February 2008


So, the comp didn't go bad at all. I got into the finals. The formula was the most far away from a bouldering comp, because we had to climb various problems of the qualifiers, on tha same wall, without stepping back on the mat, i.e. downclimbing using whatever holds and rests. I went second, amongst the laughter for my shoes full of holes in the toes, and started confident, I had recovered a bit. I pulled seriously for about... one hold. On the first foot placement, my shoe slipped and I was on the mat. Everybody was laughing, myself included, and after all it was a nice, funny way to end a nice comp.

Three guys did more problems than me, but I was the only one to flash two of the hardest problems: they had one other ascent only, but no flashes. So I'm happy.

The big news. I got a sponsorship.
The guys who opened a new climbing and biking shop here asked me to wear their suff, show the logo, and post pictures and reviews on their website. We still have to talk seriously about that, but she told that I'll have new stuff for every season, summer and winter, and even a budget!!!
I am very shy about this, but they asked me and I can't see no reason to refuse. I think I will ask them not to give alot of stuff and not to invest too much money on me.
Anyway, it was a crazy night...

So, from now, check the links!!!

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Ghostface said...

Congratulations on your deal Lore!