Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Summer is definitely here. As you can see in the pic, chances of big numbers are not high, when it's over 28° in your house at 9 AM.
With daytime temps reaching the magic 40° barrier, there was only one thing to do: pull out the tiniest tank top I have, and hit the weights!!!
Entering the gym has always that magical aura made of dirty lockers, filthy showers and smell of piss; but when you enter the weights room, you can't help but feel like a god. It's dark because electricity is expensive, you know, and the air conditioning has still to be invented. There are a few fans, and with no windows all they can do is move the sweat stink around. It really is bliss.
Doing weights is so easy compared to climbing: you just have to pick them up, move them in a simple way, then throw them down. Remember, even if you are using weights so light that the 40 kilos girl next to you uses them as the warmup, at the end of the set you HAVE to throw them down, you don't put them down, you throw them down because you are hard core and you know what super high intensity body building is.
Another thing you have to do is to make sure you take a couple of loud, deep breaths before starting the set, so that everyone around hears you: because you are hard core again, and this set will be so fucking hard that you are almost scared to start it. God only knows what could happen: the sky could split open, so tough is this set.
Anyway, doing weights is the only thing I can do know besides fingerboarding, so I do weights and I do them as hard as I can. I have done weights every summer in the last four years and they have fixed a couple of elbow problems, pumped my biceps and made me generally fit. It's a win-win situation.
Finally, a small video that will make the start of this video more clear: it's about myself doing "Powerstrips" in Chironico. I didn't flash it, and I didn't do it until I found the right beta: campusing. On the top out, though, my left hand pinky got stuck (or it gave me this impression) in the crack, it scared me and I jumped down in agony, pronouncing the famous phrase.
I hope you like it as much as I liked being there, at the boulders, with my friends, doing what I love.


Rich said...

haha! what a great day out :)
The kebab/beer after was fucking ottimo!

I have been inspired by your summer weight training and am going to a gym in Liverpool tomorrow evening with Litle Hoppo to flex with the local gangsters/scallies ;)

I would love to wear a tight vest like you Lore but have nothing to be proud of in the guns department.

Stay strong beast and try get some weight training footage online!

lore said...

beast!!! judging from your recet ticklist full of 8's, you don't need to get stronger!!! effort man!!!
anyway every man should have a tight vest ready for the right occasion...
yesterday I gave a serious beating to my left elbow dammit, I seem to be unable to take it easy, fuck me.
can't wait to touch some cool rock.
anyway this Saturday there will be a party at the climbing wall in Follonica to celebrate its success, we will climb until late, then the whole party will move to Tartana Club for some more shapes pulling.