Friday, 24 December 2010


Today, with the rain hitting the windows and my body worked from yesterday's session at Area51, the new wall that opened at the sea, minutes away from Tartana in the summer, and Sox Club in the winter, seemed like a perfect day to say something worth reading here.
Then, I don't know why, some old reminiscence from my high school studies came to my mind, and I realized that the best thing to do is to simply point you at a couple of classics for you enjoy.

Fragment 58 from Alcmane, the so called "Nocturnal":

"They sleep, the mountain crags and gullies,
headlands and brooks, and the whole race
of footed creatures and black earth pulls from
mountain beasts and the republic of bees,
and vast fish looming in hollows
of purple sea: they sleep,
too, birds with wide, cloud-tipped wings..."

Sappho, fragment 182:

"I have a beautiful child who looks like golden flowers, my darling Cleis, for whom I would not take all Lydia or lovely..."

Alcaeus of Mytilene:

"Now we must get drunk and drink whether we want to or not. Myrsilus is dead."

It's all been said and done.


Richie Crouch said...

You have totally lost me with this post Lore...

But I wish you, Val and the animals well!

Look forward to seeing you on your UK invasion in Feb and hopefully the shoulder will be ready to hustle you a little before you burn us off on our own problems ;)

lore said...

ah Rich, they are just memories of my high school years, the romantic spirit in me hadn't been killed yes by the quest for big numbers!

I can't wait to come north. hope everything fits into its place.

all the best to you and to the 'pool posse.

Ghostface said...

I've not climbed for months now Lore nor eaten above 1000 calories a day for the most part. Just so I can get to Jerry's weight and show you how it's to be done when you come to stay ;)

lore said...

I will be so happy just for being up there Tom, that I won't care about being schooled in the Cave!