Saturday, 6 March 2010


The biggest frustration of my Font trip lies all into that small question of the title. I came back without having been able to even touch my projects, due to bad weather. Instead of going around picking the most attractive lines, or spending every day under a beloved problem, we had to constantly search for a few dry boulders. And we did find some wonderful problems also. I even climbed some of them, we climbed every day bar one. But I couldn't try my projects.
So this small question bounces back and forth in my mind: "What if the rock were dry? I would have sent, or I would have failed?"
I will never obviously know, I can only guess. I guess I would have destroyed those problems, because that's the only thing to think, the only one that will move me forward, the only one that will lead me to crush those problems the next time I'll be there.
Au revoir mon amour.

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