Friday, 6 November 2009


One week ago, at this exact time, I was again driving on my own to the Dolomites to climb a small boulder before the snow covers it for months. So many things has changed from that lonely drive north, and I don't want to get into the details, I think my previous post gives a clear idea of what happened, the rest is not important.
So now I would like to look back at that days and understand them. Why in a matter of seconds everything seemed different from before, I don't know. Maybe we are truly incomplete without others. Maybe we are really not made to be on our own, but to always share. Sharing is everything. There are many ways of sharing, and not all of them mean being with someone else in the same place at the same moment, even if it's the most common way of sharing. But it's not enough, because I know that we can be with someone else in the same place at the same moment and nonetheless feeling alone.
One thing that I really want to make public is my thanks to the two beasts who came north. I think they come to share something and I'm sure we did. For sure they shared with me their joy of living the dream, and that's priceless for me. They turned a lonely weekend into a mini super holiday, in which there were no responsibilities, no work, no troubles, no bills to pay and no rent. Just climbing, eating and laughing.
Now tell me if this isn't the biggest of gifts.

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Richie Crouch said...

Wish I was there with you beasts... it looks like a beautiful place Lore.

I hope your winter of teaching goes ok and you get some more small windows of peaceful crushing in between the storms!