Tuesday, 4 August 2009


On the way home, there's a fine Sicilian bar, patisserie and ice cream shop. Sometimes I stop by to have a taste of some of the best ice creams I can find in town. As of late, my preferencies go to Modica chocolate, which is made without the cocoa butter, so that it's less sweet and tastes more like... chocholate.
There, they use to make it in a special kind, so it's Modica chocolate, with some hot chili spice, and rhum.
A simple 2 euros ice cream allows you two flavours, and nothing sits better with that chocolate than a cream made with orange, lemon and lime.
Then I go and crush the gym.


Richie Crouch said...


You bastard Lore! I am racked with jealousy dreaming of amazing ice cream combinations...

Got Obsession back off my mate Mark today so will burn it and post it out to you before we leave to Swizzie land :)

Hope you are well and keep crushing the ice cream/gym combo. Strong.

Ghostface said...

Amazing Lorenzo.

Do you remember saying to me in the ice cream place in Siena when I ordered Strawberry:

"What are you fuckin gay or something!?"

That was a trip highlight. Stay strong beast.